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There have been two more fires on Russell Island since the December major blaze.

And it is thought that the latest blazes could have been deliberately lit.

The first was on February 8, and a much smaller one off Central Road, on Tuesday, February 14.

On February 8, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Russell Island Rural Fire Brigade crews responded to a fire on Russell Island.

A large, fast-moving vegetation fire broke out early in morning and was burning in the vicinity of Cunningham Avenue and Glendale Road on Russell Island.

Thirteen fire crews responded quickly, working with aerial support to extinguish the blaze.

There is no threat to property at this time and the fire was kept with containment lines.

Fire authorities reported that witnesses had noticed a trail bike rider in the vicinity speeding away from where the blaze appeared to have started.

Fire authorities and police are investigating.

Fortunately, the blaze did no major damage and was contained within a few hours.

The small fire off Centre Road on Tuesday, February14, was attended by the Russell Island Volunteer Fire Brigade crew and was quickly extinguished. There was no need for additional support.

The current fire season on the Bay Islands has been the worst for several years.




All islanders should have a bushfire emergency plan. The following information may assist:

Background: there are three levels of bushfire warning –

Advice: Monitor conditions and review your bushfire survival plan.

Watch and Act: Conditions are changing. Start taking action and follow your bushfire survival plan.

Emergency Warning: You are in danger. Act on your bushfire survival plan

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