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The Redland City Council wants as many islanders as possible to complete an urgent online survey that will assist in improving the council’s Disaster Management Plan.

The review of the plan has come in response to the recent island bushfires which caused so much devastation and crisis over many days late last year.

It is hoped the survey will contribute information that will assist in future disaster situations.

This could involve issues such as prevention strategies and future management of crisis situations.

Council made a commitment to enlist the services of an independent organisation to review their Planned Prescribed Burns Program and other bushfire preparation activities.

Training and Emergency Management is the commercial division of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and have been contracted to complete this review.

The review is being carried out for council by Ian Moore of the Queensland Fire Service.Redland City Council wants the review completed by the end of April, and the survey was initially to be completed by the end of March.

However, the Friendly Bay Islander has encouraged Ian Moore to extend that date until April 20, so as many islanders as possible can get to complete the survey.

Residents of all the Southern Moreton Bay islands are invited to participate.

Council encourages as many SMBI residents as possible to complete the survey to gauge how residents are feeling about the RCC Bush Fire Plans and their perceived level of safety.

Council said in a statement: “We truly value the information you will provide. Your responses will contribute to our analyses of the Redlands City Council Bushfire Plan.

“This survey can be completed anonymously but we would welcome some basic contact details in order to follow up and provide critical safety information as required.”

The following is the link that we would like you to promote on your SMBI Facebook Page and any other site that residents may view.

The survey consists of 13 questions and will not take more than five minutes of your time. The site address is:

Please complete by March 20.

If you have any question regarding this survey or would like to get hard copies please contact Ian Moore (07) 3635 2731, mobile 0419 196 128 or email

The recent island bushfires

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