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The Macleay Island Fire Brigade will become more ‘computerised’ thanks to a major donation from Club Macleay.

Following the pre Christmas fires on the island, the club was inspired to make a donation to the brigade, which is manned by island volunteers who are members of the Rural Fire Service Queensland.

The fire had a huge impact on the island and islanders, as did the later fires on Russell Island.

Club Macleay chairman Rod Gallagher told The Friendly Bay Islander that the island brigade and the volunteers are ‘magnificent’.

“What they did and all the other ‘firies’ did during that time was life saving.

“We would like to make a contribution to make their job easier.”

And so it will.

Macleay Brigade second officer, Guy Hickey, said that the money provided by Club Macleay will be used to purchase computer technology to ‘take on board’ the main island fire truck.

It will mean that fire fighters directly at the fire front will have the latest computer information which will greatly enhance fire fighting capabilities.

Club Macleay chairman Rod Callaghan hands of the $500 cheque to 2nd Officer Guy Hickey

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