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Club Macleay has undertaken some considerable interior improvements to the club that will have an impact on members and guests.

A major obstruction to the views of the club over the years has been the two distinct designated areas at the club: the main dining room and the front verandah area that was used for special functions.

Club chairman, Rod Gallagher, said he had always personally felt the windows that blocked off the verandah area were not to the club’s best advantage.

Those windows have now been removed and the effect is quite startling.

“It has really opened up the club.

“People in the main dining area now don’t feel they are excluded from the quite magnificent water views that we have here.

“It has made a huge difference.”

As part of the project, new floor coverings involving new carpet and tiles will be laid to give uniformity to the now joined floor areas.

The club has also spent a considerable amount of money installing a new surround sound system and a new big screen TV.

“The new flooring will commence being laid on Easter Sunday night, and the club will be completely closed on Easter Monday and operating the downstairs bar on the Tuesday until it is all completed,” the club chairman added.

Club Macleay chairman Rod Gallagher and the newly opened areas.

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