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Russell Island resident Danny Miles has always had a love of singing.

Growing up in Melbourne as a lad, he started singing at nine years of age and he hasn’t stopped yet!

He has progressed via a number of choirs and chorale groups in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Whilst living on Russell Island for the past five years, he has been involved with the Redland City Choir until it all became ‘too hard’.

“Going to singing practice at night and finding a parking space became near impossible.

“So I reckoned I would do something here on our islands.”

And so, he has.

Danny, in fact, has taken it to a new level here recently establishing the SMBI Chorale.

“I have put the word out there to attract singers, who would like to get involved with our group, but we still desperately need a competent pianist or an advanced student.”

Already about 17 people have joined up (eight women and nine men) and the progress that is being made in a short space of time has been ‘quite remarkable’.

The group so far is representative of all the islands and he is hoping to attract more.

“My aim is to attract people who love to sing and those who want to learn to read music, voice production, placement and breathing and to sing four-part harmony as a group.

“It is also a recognised fact that singing has a positive impact on our health,” Danny added.

The Chorale is not limited to any specific type of music.

“We hope to get involved with all forms of singing including classical, modern and pop.

“In fact we are trying some Beatles songs at the moment,” he said.

Once the group has become more experienced, the SMBI Chorale will work towards public performances.

Danny said the Chorale is not meant to be a ‘one man band’.

“It is a collective and we make decisions on a collective basis.”

The singers contribute $3 a week which goes towards hall hire of the Anglican Church Hall on Russell Island.

Practice is held each Wednesday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the hall and the timing is designed to work in with the island ferries.

“We want people to come from all the islands.”

Singers can attend from 10 years of age and upwards.

“Our oldest is in their 80’s,” Danny proudly proclaimed.

The Chorale Group in full voice with Danny front and centre!

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