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The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art judges who adjudicated over the Girt by Sea Sculpture and Art Exhibition, described the event as ‘amazing’.

The judges, Peter McKay and Ruth McDougall, are curators and professional judges who travel world wide.

“The artistic community of the islands and the Redlands have been afforded an amazing opportunity via the massive art prize that is on offer here.

“There is no doubt that this competition will put the islands and the Redlands on the map in more ways than one,” they told The Friendly Bay Islander.

According to the highly qualified judges, there would be many other high standing art communities that would love the opportunity to offer annual art prizes of close to $100,000.

“This is very significant,” said Peter McKay.

“I hope your artistic community appreciates the opportunity that has been afforded them,” they said.

They were full of praise for Cr Mark Edwards and Redland City Council for coming up with the concept.

“This event has put a major focus from the artistic world on this area of Queensland. It is quite extraordinary,” said Ruth McDougall.

“It is so good to see such an incentive, particularly when most artists ‘do it’ for the love of it.

“What an amazing incentive it is for the arts in your community,” the judge added.

Peter McKay said he believed that artists from all over the country will look very closely at the Girt by Sea event from now on.

In just one year, the entries in the sculpture jumped from 12 to more than 40, and there were more than 100 entries in the painting section, held for the first time.

The judges were full of praise for the endeavour and quality of the entries.

“Clearly it will progress and grow as the years go by.

“It will be interesting to see the standard here in future years,” Peter McKay added.

The two judges visited the four exhibition sites at Redland Bay, Macleay and Russell Islands and Karragarra Island.

The results of their judging are elsewhere in this edition.

Girt by Sea judges Ruth McDougall and Peter McKay with the popular ‘dolphins’ sculpture on Karragarra beach.

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