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Announcing the winning tender for the Macleay Island $6 million parking project is a slow process.

The Friendly Bay Islander had hoped to be able to announce the name of the winning tender company by this time, but no such luck.

To say it has been a long, drawn out process, would be an understatement.

So long, that some islanders doubt the sincerity of the project.

However, we can assure you that the announcement is imminent and when it is, we will publish it accordingly, and immediately announce it on our website.

We asked Redland City Council a number of questions on the matter, including the likelihood of an announcement and the number of tenders received that needed to be assessed.

We received the following response from a’council spokesperson’:

“Council is currently assessing the tenders and can't advise on tenderers until this process is complete and contractual agreement finalised.

“Tender selection is expected to be concluded within the coming month (March).

“Council has previously indicated that work would begin this financial year, possibly by late April or May, but the exact start date for the work will ultimately depend on discussion and agreement with the successful tenderer.”

Cr Mark Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander that he was on tenterhooks as much as anyone else because of the processes.

“It is a complicated process and it needs to done correctly.

“I will pass the winning tender and information as soon as I receive it,” he added.

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