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Three islanders located on Macleay and North Stradbroke Islands, are among the most knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to the most remote place on earth - Antarctica.

All three have had extensive scientific and managerial experience of the frozen continent.

And all three recently got together on Straddie in somewhat of a 'reunion'.

In fact, it was more like three old mates catching up for a good yarn reminiscing about some amazing times.

After all, everything about the Antarctic is amazing and definitely stunning.

The three are Konrad Beinssen (Amity Point), Michael Hines (Point Lookout), and Ted Upton (Macleay Island.)

Between them they cover five over-wintering expeditions and a period of 31 years of Australian Antarctic history before washing up on various shores in Moreton Bay.

Ted Upton told The Friendly Bay Islander: "Michael is assuredly the chief among us.

He was a young, sprightly, scientific assistant on the 1957 ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) to Macquarie Island in 1957, the International Geophysical Year.

"Konrad was Officer in Charge Davis Station ANARE in 1982 where he pioneered under-ice diving - in a wet suit!

"We don't make them like that any more," Ted said.

Ted himself was Officer in Charge, Macquarie Island ANARE 1982, Mawson ANARE 1985 and, again Mawson ANARE 1987.

In 1988 he thought it was time he got an honest job and hung up his crampon-soled boots. And, as many islanders know, he is known for his artistic exploits with a chisel, mallet and sand paper fashioning timber into some very impressive artistic pieces.

Their Antarctic Days are well beyond them, but the memories are not.

The trio got to recollect the years of their Antarctic endeavours and their meeting brought back many memories and perhaps a few tales of some pretty serious adventures.

None of the three are, perhaps, as sprightly as in their Antarctic days - but the personalities haven't changed much.

Ted Upton said were it not for the new Direct Ferry service between the Bay Islands and North Stradbroke Island, the reunion may not have ever occurred.

"It was wonderful to be able to catch a direct ferry to Dunwich, We were there seemingly in just minutes.

"I hope we will get together again, soon and I can host Michael and Konrad here on Macleay," Ted said.

"Once again, thanks for the ferry service opportunity."

Michael, Konrad and Ted at their 'reunion' at Amity on North Stradbroke Island.

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