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Island ‘postie’ Karen Edwards who delivers the mail on Lamb and Karragarra Islands would like island residents to do a regular ‘spring clean’ of their post and letter boxes. In recent times Karen has received a few nasty ’surprises’ when delivering the mail and your Friendly Bay Islander. “I have had a few uninvited friends jump out and me providing somewhat of a scare.” It seems Geckos and wasps have been very unfriendly when Karen drops her mail into some boxes. “It would really help if islanders would check their letter boxes time to time and make sure they are free of any new insect residents,” she pleaded.


It seems the communications giant Telstra, doesn’t care too much about our islands any more. We have it on good authority that ever since the ‘done deal’ with the NBN, places like our islands don’t matter any more to the big telco. Since the start of the year, the islands have been cut off from the Telstra network for a total of over a week. When that happens, business literally stops. No online payments; no purchases at supermarkets; no money available from ATM machines – and many businesses lose big amounts of income. Post offices are particularly hurt, losing income they are never likely to get back. Federal member of parliament Andrew Laming says his hands are tied. ‘Operational matters are not part of Government,’ he has told residents. When this happens, people get desperate and contact just about anyone. Even council representative Mark Edwards gets heaps of calls. It is not a council responsibility. Calls to Telstra fall on deaf ears. Apparently we just have to wait until the NBN finally gets here (and we now know we will be at the end of the list!).


Division 6 councillor Julie Talty is throwing her hat into the ring to stand as an LNP candidate for the seat of Springwood in the forthcoming state election to happen later this year. The seat was markedly changed in the recent redistribution of boundaries and takes in a fair chunk of Mt Cotton. Julie is well known to islanders, being the daughter of John Burns, the former Division 5 and island councillor. Her husband, John, does much building work on the islands. How she goes in the state election will be somewhat of a litmus test for the entire state result.


Dave Bennett is the newly appointed General Manager of Sealink South East Queensland. He replaces David Thompson. Dave has been the Operations Manager at SeaLink Gladstone for the last three years, and will be relocating to oversee the South East Queensland operations, including Stradbroke Ferries, Bay Islands Transit and Moggill Ferry, effective from 3rd April.

Dave has an abundance of experience and a wealth of knowledge within the marine operation and tourism area. He will be an invaluable asset to the SEQ business and management team and we look forward to working with him.