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The latest seat. the ‘Anzac Seat’ produced by that band of ‘goodies’, the Renegades, is now completed and in place.

It is now located in Koonwarra Foreshore Park on the corner of Koonwarra Parade and Morwong Street.

The seat is the concept of, and is sponsored by The Friendly Bay Islander

This seat, ‘The Renegades’ eighth, is dedicated to ‘The Anzacs’ for the peace that we enjoy due to their sacrifice.

The Renegades wish to thank Gerard and Glenda Thompson and The Friendly Bay Islander for their support.

They also again thank Jan De Rooy for her beautiful art work and Jude Fernandez for his amazing engraving.

Please visit, enjoy and care for this new seat. Perhaps whilst enjoying the view, you may wish to consider those who paid the ultimate price.

Another unique viewing seat will be installed in the next month. Watch this space for the next location.

Keen to get involved or find out more?

You can assist The Renegades with this community-based project by volunteering your time or through making a small donation.

With your help we can create more special spaces and places on this fantastic island we call home. Call Ian on 3409 5886 for more information.

The Anzac seat in place in the park at the end of Morwong Street.

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