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It is a case of deja vu, or even Back to the Future for our well known car man Craig Shemmell.

Craig has been advertising with The Friendly Bay Islander for some time with his Raby Bay Cars.

Well, that all changed in the last couple of weeks, with him pulling up stakes from his former Cleveland address.

He is relocated to a new, but ‘old’ address at 221 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba.

It just happens to be the address where he first established his car yard in these parts nearly 10 years ago.

“I suppose it is a little bit of Back to the Future for me.

“This is where I started out up here all those years ago and I was recently required to make a decision regarding our future.

“So I decided to move back to where I started out and here we are with a new name, lots of new cars, and definitely a new direction,” Craig said.

He added: “I have to say I am surprised at the number of people in cars driving past who give me a toot and a wave.”

Being located right next door to McDonalds at Capalaba, Capalaba Car World is in a pretty good position.

“I would still like to sell cars to my friends on the islands, and I have to say I would like to thank all those who supported me at the old address.

“I hope you come and say ‘hello’ here at my new/old address at 221 Old Cleveland Road. Capalaba.”

You can phone Craig Shemmell on 32866366 or on his mobile 0433410271.

Craig Shemmell at his new address at 221 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba.

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