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Coastal erosion in the Redlands: have your say

The first in a series of community events about the impact of coastal erosion in the Redlands was held at Wellington Point Reserve on Saturday 22 April, from 8am to 12pm.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said 44 sites across the city had been identified as prone to erosion in the Draft Coastal Adaptation Strategy Phase 1 Current Hazards, with residents invited to share their thoughts on the proposed management approaches for each site.

“We have 220km of coastline in the Redlands that is constantly changing with the wind, waves and tides,” she said.

“These changes can affect public and private infrastructure, social and economic amenity, and the wellbeing of our residents, so it’s important to understand how the community uses these spaces and what unique aspects of the sites users would like to preserve.

“For example, an area popular for launching kayaks and stand up paddleboards may be best preserved by replenishing the sand rather than constructing a wall that would alter ease of access. By contrast, sand replenishment may not be the best approach for a particularly sensitive marine environment.”

Cr Williams said Council had developed the draft strategy in consultation with the State Government, Traditional Owners, professional bodies and non-government organisations, including SEQ Catchments and Healthy Waterways.

“This is a framework for monitoring and managing coastal erosion in the Redlands, with the proposed management solutions for the 44 known erosion-prone sites developed by a panel of experts, who have assessed the pros and cons of each approach based on its effectiveness, value for money, environmental impact and social impact at each site,” she said.

A series of community events will be held across the city to explore how these areas are used and what aspects need to be protected. Events are planned on the following dates:

• Tuesday 2 May – Thompsons Beach, Victoria Point (7am-12pm)

• Thursday 4 May – Nev Stafford Park, Redland Bay (7am-12pm)

• Saturday 13 May – Victoria Parade, Coochiemudlo Island (8am-12pm)

• Tuesday 23 May – SMBI ferry terminals

• Saturday 3 June – Gorge Walk entrance, Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island (8am-12pm)

• Saturday 17 June – Cylinder Beach, Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island (8am-12pm)

Deputy Mayor and Wellington Point Councillor Wendy Boglary welcomed the draft strategy and community consultation.

“I look forward to these community events and encourage everyone to contribute their local knowledge, which will improve Council’s understanding of the impact of coastal erosion and influence how it is managed,” she said.

Visit Your Say Redland City ( for the coastal erosion map and proposed management solutions for each location, to add your thoughts and photos of these sites, or to add other areas affected by erosion.

The Redlands Coastal Erosion map.

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