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The islands have been plagued with a mosquito intensity in recent weeks.

The Friendly Bay Islander and council have been besieged by a number of complaints and requests for ‘help’.

In response to recent wet weather, Redland City Council has advised it has conducted helicopter and ground treatments for mosquitoes.

Council, in a statement, said:

"While Council conducts a year-round mosquito control program, council does not spray for biting midges in Redland City.

"Biting midges predominately breed in natural coastal habitats where Council is not permitted by law to spray with insecticides, as products available would also affect insects such as butterflies and bees and some aquatic organisms.

"Mosquitoes and biting midges are endemic in our natural coastal environment.

"The main breeding season for biting midges is between spring and autumn."

The council says that as we enter the cooler months there should be a reduction in the number of mosquitoes and biting midges in traps, and council expects this to continue.

Redland City Council encourage all residents to take measures to protect themselves from mosquitoes and biting midges.

In relation to the islands, council is conducting mosquito breeding surveys on the SMBIs and will organise ground and, or aerial treatments if required.

Measures home owners can take, include:

• Wearing insect repellent and long, light coloured, loose-fitting clothing.

• Where possible, avoid going outdoors at dawn and dusk.

• Using mosquito coils and lanterns

• Increasing air flow inside your home by using fans or other air circulation devices.

• Installing fine mesh fly screens to prevent entry of biting midges.

• Planting a variety of plants that deter mosquitoes,

Jacqui Torbet of the Canaipa Island Nursery says there are a number of plants that deter mozzies.

“These should be planted in garden beds situated as close to the home as possible, particularly around entrances and deck areas."

She says suggested plants are, geranium, citrosa, leptospermum liversidgei, lavender, rosemary, basil and plectranthus. All these plants are available from Canaipa Island Nursery on Russell Island.

There is more detailed information about biting midge and mosquito management on Council’s website at

Here also is a link to a council media release:

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