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Redland City Council has chosen the successful tender for the construction for Macleay Island’s $6 million parking project.

When completed, the additional parking area will more than double the island’s current parking capacity.

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards has advised that whilst the successful tender has been selected, the announcement will not happen until the May 23 meeting of the full council.

“That is because of the extensive processes that need to be in place.

“With so many Government departments involved, a lot of i dotting and t crossings are required.

“I can understand the island community’s frustration for what has been a long, drawn out process.

“From my point of view, it has been a marathon,” the councillor told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Cr Edwards says that once the full council gets to put its seal of approval on the tender on May 23, the contractor will have everything in place to start work.

‘I will be a very relieved councillor the day they enter the site with their equipment and start work.”

The project has been one of controversy and conjecture ever since it was first announced more than two years ago.

As each month has gone by, the Friendly Bay Islander has tried to be as positive as possible in an endeavour for the project to reach fruition.

It nearly didn’t make it with the State Government at one stage looking like it would reject the project. It took intervention from the Mayor and Premier to get it back on track, thanks to some heavy pressure applied by Cr Mark Edwards and many islanders.

When completed, the new car park will accommodate 132 cars and this could be adjusted positively on completion.

The whole concept will be bordered on the water side with a massive recreation beach which should prove of huge value to Macleay Island boating, water enthusiasts and to future tourism.

The councillor says the design has the capacity to add a multi-storey car parking station on the existing car park site at a later time.

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