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There is a bright new section starting in this edition of your Friendly Bay Islander.

You will get a chance to Meet the Dugongs, a friendly family who live on the bottom of Moreton Bay, just off our islands.

They are keen to get know us, and have consented to appear in your Friendly Bay Islander every month, thanks to local artist and ‘interesting personality’ Bob T.

Many of you will know who Bob T is, but for the moment we have surrounded him in a cloud of mystery, or could it be a coat of seaweed!

Anyway, Bob T will be adding some humour, with probably a ‘twist’ on local island issues, every month in the magazine.

Also appearing on the same page will be a new astrology column brought to us be another ‘islander’, Melodee.

You see, Melodee is also a bit of a mystery woman, as it should be with astrology and everything about the stars.

Melodee is also a expert in the area of ‘planting by the moon’, and we will be imparting some that knowledge from time to time.

To finish off the new page, we will also be providing a monthly crossword for readers to enjoy and participate.

We hope you like these new additions to your Friendly Bay Islander.

Melodee and The Dugongs!