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The Russell Island Rural Fire Brigade is a far more potent fire fighting force thanks to the delivery of a new state-of-the-art fire engine.

The brigade took delivery of the new Isuzu 4WD Dual Cab fire engine last month.

And it is the first of two major upgrades for the brigade.

Another bigger heavy auxiliary vehicle will be delivered, hopefully, later in the year.

In the meantime, the brigade’s first officer Larry Hoffman is delighted with the new Isuzu engine that hugely increases the island’s capacity to respond quickly to fire events.

“This is a fantastic vehicle and is a prototype of a new type of fire engine to be rolled out to rural fire brigades in Queensland.

“Our older second vehicle could only carry a small complement of island fire fighters.

“This new Dual Cab can carry up to six people, which saves volunteers from having to drive their own vehicles to island and emergency situations,” Larry Hoffman said.

The new vehicle boasts:

• High and medium dual pumps

• New computer technology to assist effective fire fighting

• High level cab protection from ‘flash overs’

• Purpose built for island fire fighting

• Superior lighting around the vehicle

• First class safety standards

New radio and computer technology has been fitted to the vehicle since its arrival and it has already been involved in island back burning operations.

“It is a fantastic vehicle and ideal for our island purposes,” Larry Hoffman said.

The new-to-the-island bigger vehicle will arrive later in the year.

It is an eight-man vehicle that is specialised to handle more complex fire and emergency situations.

These include roadside rescues, superior pump capability, village fire fighting standard, and the ability to carry breathing apparatus.

Russell brigade First Officer (right) and the brigade crew with the new Isuzu fire engine!