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Andrew Chesterman is the new CEO of the Redland City Council. He takes over from former CEO Bill Lyon whose contract was not renewed. Andrew is our Q and A guest and we asked him to provide us some insight into his experience and background.

Q1: You are the new CEO of Redland City Council, is this your first appointment as head of a council?

A1: Yes it is. I have led other organisations, however, including those of Director-General of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Chief Executive of the Queensland Public Service Commission. I have also held positions in other councils including Divisional Manager, City Planning and Sustainability at Brisbane City Council and a range of other positions in councils in Victoria and one in the UK. My professional career spans more than 25 years, of which more than 15 years have been involved in local government and 5 years in state government.

Q2: Can you tell us a little about your background?

A2: I am married with two children, a son 13 and a daughter 16. My wife, Anita, works at an adjoining Council. We’re keen caravanners and campers and I’ve tried to talk my wife into getting another boat as we sold ours several years ago – so I’m on the lookout!

I started my career as a coastal planner in Victoria in 1990 and have also worked as an environmental science teacher in a wilderness school in Victoria. I have also worked across a range of industries including four years as a management consultant. I have an applied science tertiary qualification in environmental management and a post graduate qualification in education. I am also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Q3: You have lived in Queensland for 15 years, what roles have you been fulfilling since residing in the State?

A3: Besides heading up the Department of Environment and Heritage and Heritage Protection and Queensland Public Service Commission, I’ve held the position of Divisional Manager, City Planning and Sustainability at Brisbane City Council.

Q4: And your immediate previous position, what did it entail?

A4: Most recently, I held a senior executive position at Brisbane City Council responsible for their environment and sustainability program.

Q5: What do you believe you can bring to Redland City Council by way of expertise and experience?

A5: I am a values-driven individual who enjoys leading purpose-driven, collaborative organisations. I have a deep respect for our elected officials across all levels of government and their role in understanding, representing and working with their communities. I have a particular affinity with local government where the impact of our services can be seen on a daily basis. I hope to bring my experience in public administration and organisational leadership coupled with my environmental background to my new role with Redland City Council.

Q6: Our interest is in the islands off the Coast of Redland Bay, what knowledge do you have our unique situation?

A6: The Southern Moreton Bay Islands are truly beautiful and have significant potential for a range of economic opportunities including tourism. I know that when the Southern Moreton Bay Islands were transferred to Redland City Council from the State Government they came with very little infrastructure and Council has been working hard to improve the situation. In previous years when I owned a boat which I launched at Raby Bay, I got to explore the natural beauty of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands area and found it incredibly beautiful. Getting others to appreciate the quite stunning and unique attractions we have within the Redlands is certainly an opportunity to promote the area.

Q7: Will you be coming over to the islands to check us out and find out how you can assist in our needs for improved infrastructure?

A7: Most definitely. I will get to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands over the next several weeks.

New Redland City Council Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Chesterman.

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