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More Calls for Display Partners to hand back deposits!

More and more people are calling for the controversial home building ‘advisors’, Display Partners, to hand back deposits to islanders.

Two more families have come forward with sorry tales about money being handed over for no outcomes, despite lavish promises.

Russell Island resident Don May is one of those who wants his money back.

He was introduce to Zac Mar of Display Partners by LJ Hooker Russell Island, back in August last year.

The 81-year-old Don admits he was ‘wooed’ by Zac Mar and his promises, despite the warnings from his attentive wife.

“The people at LJ Hooker Russell Island recommended Display Partners to me. At the time I thought it was all a part of the Russell Island agency,” Don told The Friendly Bay Islander.

In the space of a couple of hours, Don had handed over a $6000 deposit, and he has regretted it ever since.

“It all sounded really good. I must admit I was gullible and I should have been more careful. I jumped into it despite my wife’s warnings.”

Like others who have spoken out, Don May discovered that once the deposit was handed over, virtually nothing else happened.

“We were supposed to get a block of land closer to the ferry and the shops on which to build.

“A block was pointed out to us, but that was far as it went.”

The Mays' situation was different to many who have handed over sizeable deposits to Display Partners.

“We already had a block in Harvey Street where we had considered building, but wanted a closer location.

“On speaking to Zac Mar, he said Display Partners would purchase our block for $35,000 and would get us another block closer to the ferry for $45,000.

“The house and land package was to be $260,000, but that was as far as it went.”

"When we heard no more from them; no supposed house plans or block purchase, that’s when we decided there was something terribly wrong and then sought to get our money back.

“We both tried to see Zac Mar and tried to contact the supposed owner Chris Kirby-Ryan, with no luck.”

Eventually, Don and his wife did hear from Display Partners with an offer to hand back their almost $6000 deposit, less ‘expenses’ that amounted to $4900 dollars.

These were supposedly for $780 for tree removal for a tree that was never removed; $1700 for lesser blocks; $1500 for plans for a home that were never seen or consulted about; $500 consultancy and management fees and $500 land deposit, for a block that was never purchased, supposedly 26 Canaipa Road.

“How can they charge for costs incurred that we don’t own?

“We were never consulted on any home design. It is a joke. They are a joke.

“I feel sorry for anyone who has handed over their hard-earned money to them.

“They clearly are making promises they cannot keep,” an upset Don May said.

Don May

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