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The Dragon Boat Club, the Tingira Dragons, is going from strength to strength on Macleay Island.

The Tingira Dragons are part of the Tingira Boat Club.

The concept came to the islands a couple of years ago thanks to Loretta Lewis and her family.

Since Loretta first conceived of the club, the Macleay Island group has grown dramatically.

The club now has four dragon boats at its disposal at the club on the western shores of the island.

The effectiveness of the group was there for all to see at the recent Canoe Classic weekend festival.

More than 70 dragon boat paddlers turned up for the event involving entries from as far afield as Redland Bay, Bribie Island, the Gold Coast and of course, Macleay Island.

Loretta Lewis is involved with Dragon Boats at a National level and her expertise has brought a whole new activity to our islands.

She believes it has a ‘long way to go’.

“There is a lot of potential to entice Dragon Boat clubs from all over Australia to this beautiful Tingira Boat Club setting.

“Many of those who attended the Dragon Boat event held on the first day of the two-day carnival this year, were visiting the islands for the first time.

“They were full of praise for the event, the islands and the setting here at the Tingira boat Club.

“It definitely has great potential for local involvement and participation and for future tourism direction,” Loretta said.

The Dragon Boats and outriggers could be developed to take people to nearby islands, such as Garden island and our island group.

“It is a direction we will be looking towards in the coming months,” Loretta Lewis said.

• Loretta Lewis and a Dragon Boat Drum!




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