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Faith Lutheran College students gave an outstanding performance of The WIZ at a recent major performance, with island students among the cast.

“Amazing”, “talented”, “impressive”, “quality” were just a few words the audience used to describe the performance. As Dorothy (Maddison Ashley) made her way along the yellow brick road meeting the Scarecrow (Michael Malouf), the Tinman (Joshua Lunt) and the Lion (Lucy-Rose Nicholson), the audience was captivated.

Twins, Annabelle and Olivia Cormack were engaging as the good witches, Glinda and Addaperle.

Evillene, the Wicked Witch, was performed by impressive island student Zinnia Drew-Canfield, who scared and entertained the audience with her wicked ways.

The other island student with a major part in the cast was Brianna Billaney (Aunt Em). Both Zinnia and Brianna are from Macleay Island. The WIZ is a woman!

Lily-Bella Nicholson embraced the power of being The WIZ and gave a commanding performance. The whole team of orchestra, cast, sound and light crew, back stage crew, costume team, make-up team and front of house team proved their dedication and forte. The quality of singing was over the rainbow amazing, with every song giving a new level of enjoyment.

Faith Lutheran is blessed to have so many fabulously talented students, backed by exceptionally gifted musicians.

• Zinnia in her role as the Wicked Witch, and Brianna as Aunt Em.




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