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Re-elected Deputy Mayor of Redland City Council, Wendy Boglary, reckons it is time the full council gets to meet Bay Islanders.

And the best way to do that, she says, could be to hold a Big Meet and Greet BBQ on the beach at Karragarra Island.

“Firstly, I would like to say I am terribly honoured to be re-elected as Deputy Mayor of Redland City Council.

“My first year as deputy Mayor was a year of assisting to bring a new council together and concentrating on finalising the new City Plan.

“There are also new roles such as Chair of Disaster Recovery which I have enjoyed learning and instigating the commencement of Queensland’s First Chaplaincy Disaster Recovery Group.

“I am glad to have taken up a number of issues to aid residents of the Bay Islands,” she told The Friendly Bay Islander.

It was the Deputy Mayor who brought to our attention a few months ago how badly we were treated in the SE Queensland Draft Report.

In fact, we were totally ignored save for the use of our island group name in a general comment only.

No interest, no concepts, no ideas, and islanders were delighted when the Deputy Mayor went into bat for us.

Wendy Boglary says she has always had a ‘soft spot’ for the islands.

“I have been visiting on a regular basis for many years which include fishing with my dad 20 years ago, the Islands are a special place in SEQ,” she said.

Concerning her Meet and Greet idea, she said:“I believe it would be a great idea for our full council to meet as many islanders as possible.

“We make decisions about the islands so need to be fully informed and "know" the issues from the people ,” the Deputy Mayor said.

She believes it would be a ‘great initiative’ to hold an informal Meet and Greet BBQ on the islands.

“Karra Beach, one of my favourite spots, would be a great location for it, and I am sure my fellow councillors would attend such an informal and ‘get to know each other’ event.

“I have suggested an informal council meeting previously and now with a new CEO and General Managers would be an very opportune time,” Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary said.

• Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary at a recent SES event.

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