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Lil at the Macleay Island Post Office has come up with a winner! They are a new, colourful Bumper Sticker range promoting Macleay Island. Lil tells us the concept for Bumper Stickers generally was put to her at the Macleay Post Office and she thought it would be a great way to show support for her home island. “We put it to the Bumper Sticker people and asked them to come up with a Macleay Island design,” she said. The result are two Bumper Sticker styles, one promoting MACLEAY ISLAND in three colours, and the other style involving promoting the 4165 post code, inlaid with the words Macleay Island. Both are colourful and imaginative. And, if you life on Macleay Island, you should definitely buy a few for your own use on your vehicles, or to send to friends. They would make a great gift, and even a terrific book mark! Yeeeaaah!


There is now a mobile hair cutting service on Macleay Island. Marija Sambolec has brought her 30 years’ experience in the hair industry to start the mobile hair cutting service. “I know there are many on the islands who live in their homes and find it difficult to get around. There are many others, too, who might like to take advantage of a home hair cutting service, particularly if they have scheduling and time commitments,” Marija said. Marija and her husband moved to Macleay to build a new home about two years ago. She was previously involved with the hair industry at Capalaba. You may give Marija a call at Marija’s Mobile in Home Hair Services on 0408 884 109.


Kevin and Kathy Culley have moved their successful motor vehicle mechanical services to Macleay Island. Originally from the Bay Islands in New Zealand. The couple have made a success of KPH Racing Pty Ltd at Redcliffe, being involved with some of the top teams in Australian motor racing. After buying a ‘holiday home’ on Macleay some time ago, they liked it so much, they decided to wind up the Redcliffe operation and move to the islands. That is why they have established Bay Island Mechanical, a mobile mechanical service. Kevin will bring his mobile mechanical skills to Macleay, Karragarra, Lamb and Russell islands. You can call Kevin on 0425 871 067.


Robyn Jessop, of LJ Hooker Macleay Island, the business behind keeping the Bendigo Bank agency open on the island, says some ‘major changes’ would be occurring in the near future to further improve the bank agency’s services. “To make it viable and to assist our LJ Hooker services, we have moved our property management division into the bank agency building. In the near future, we hope to obtain some mores space and to separate the two offices, so they can operate independently of each other. We believe it is important that bank customers have that separation and privacy,” she told The Friendly Bay Islander.


Still heaps happening in the Real Estate business on the islands, with manoeuvrings still not finalised in some quarters. Two we can tell you about on Russell Island are Simon and Kim Gordon at Island Life Real Estate and Chris McGregor who is working via Harcourts on :Russell Island. Both are offering some new directions in island real estate and both have new advertisements in this edition of The Friendly Bay Islander.


Don Frost at the Russell Island Pharmacy is getting the saxaphone out again in the name of charity. Again the cause will be the Russell Island School. The last time Don did this to help raise funds for the school, islanders dropped $300 into his can outside his pharmacy that went towards the fund raising for the new air conditioners at the school. There is no truth to the rumour that the biggest contribution was made by some fellow businesses to get Don stop playing! Remember, this is not a fact, but simply a joke! We just couldn’t resist being mischievous!


The North Stradbroke Island Rugby League and Allsports Club have welcomed Alison Ninnes to the team. Alison has taken on the position of senior bar person and she will also be helping to manage and promote the club and get some new, more regular events happening. Alison has experience in club management and all that that entails. She has been a resident of Straddie for 24 years, has two sons who also work and live on Straddie and is happy and ready to take on the challenge of helping to keep the popular club thriving so that the kids of Straddie can continue to learn and grow through the great sport of Rugby League. With the closing of the Sand mines imminent, the success of the club is more important than ever!


One of the biggest names in shed building in Queensland is Titan Sheds, and they are now offering their huge range of sheds to island residents. Nearly every island home needs a garage or a shed, and Titan certainly have a wide selection from which to choose. And, Especially for the islands, they are offering their range of fully engineered class 1a kit homes from 45m2 granny flats up to 98m2 three bedroom houses. Check out the selection of designs in the full page advertisement in this edition.


Bayside Budget Cars are newcomers to our pages in this edition. Bayside Budget Cars are headed up by Lamb Island resident Shane Peters. Shane has been associated with the islands for ‘years’. He lived here several years ago and admits in those days selling over 700 cars to islanders. Well, now he is doing it again at Bayside Budge Cars. You will see their classy page in this edition with some pretty cool cars from which to choose. It was great to catch up with their marketing manager Cassandra, too. You can give Shane a call on 0431 129 115.