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Display Partners have seemingly thrown up the white flag in relation to their activities on our islands.

They have issued an unsigned Notice and sent it to a select number of people who had handed over some hefty deposits.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) also sent out an official ‘warning’ urging consumers, contractors and suppliers to exercise extreme caution in their dealings with Christine Ann Kirby-Ryan trading as Display Partners, and also with Mr Zlatko Mar and Ms Tina Lee Sellars.

As previously mentioned in earlier editions, Display Partners came under scrutiny for seeking immediate deposits on the basis of some ludicrous claims, and no outcomes.

It is believed more than 50 deposits involving substantial amounts from $5000 to more than $50,000 were received by Display Partners.

They promised to organise land, building and financing of a home building scheme with also a ‘rental return’ to the ‘investor’.

Most of these promises were made to, and deposits gained from vulnerable people with some money, who were cajoled to hand over some big amounts for no outcomes.

Not one investor had a block placed in their name or finance organised on their behalf in relation to the outcomes promised.

Much of this was done on the island by a character by the name of Zac Mar, acting for Display Partners and its principal, a woman by the name of Chris Kirby-Ryan.

The Friendly Bay Islander revealed some of Zac Mar’s history of similar scams and schemes in other parts of Queensland, introducing the Display Partners format about 12 months ago.

There were many initial ‘clients’ who were quick to hand over some large deposits. For many, it was their life savings.

It all went ‘pear shaped’ when The Friendly Bay Islander revealed their practices which were focused more on obtaining an initial deposit than obtaining an outcome for many who clearly would not qualify for this type of home financing.

Recently the QBCC obtained a judgment against Zac Mar involving his previous activities. He was fined an amazing $300,000 with the possibility of a gaol term if he does not pay these substantial fines.

Living in illegal circumstances on Russell Island, he recently withdrew from the island.

Display Partners in an unsigned ‘notice’ dated Tuesday, May 9, 2017, sent the following message to a select few clients:

“Display Partners Australia is undertaking all efforts to repay the monies invested by clients now seeking refunds.

“Due to defamatory activities agains the company on Russell Island since 2016, company operations have been forced to slow down, which in turn has severely affected Display Partners Australia’s cash flow.

“The defamation has caused surmounting problems with mortgage brokers, real estate agents and builders, as well as clients. Display Partners Australia asks for your patience in working through this difficult phase.

“We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. Please be assured we are working in your best interests.

“You will be contacted individually to make arrangements for your payback.”

The Friendly Bay Islander rejects the ‘defamation’ claims and recent events support our strong stance.

Not all people seeking refunds have received this notice. It appears it has only been sent to a select few of ‘investors’ with Display Partners.

One concerned ‘investor’, Nick Brackstone, has had a minor success via the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal which is basically small claims court.

Display Partners are paying $150 each week until paid and if they default court enforces payment.

A spokesperson for the QBCC has advised that the unsigned letter from Display Partners may be just a ‘ploy’ to discourage people from lodging a complaint against Display Partners with the QBCC or other authorities, including the police.

If you are owed money from deposits paid to Display Partners, you are urged to contact the QBCC now!



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