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Registrations for the start of the Bay Islands Junior Tennis Club have been much higher than organisers had hoped.

New club president and coach, Andrew Rizzo, was delighted when a huge contingent of budding young tennis players and their parents, turned up on a spectacular island day at the Russell Island Sports Centre courts.

As a result, there are now 28 fully paid up members of the new junior tennis club, which also makes them members of Tennis Queensland. “The special sign on day was a huge success,” Andrew Rizzo said. “I have made sure to thank a number of people who made a contribution” “We were pleased to have State Member for Redlands, Matt McEachan, to launch the new club and attend the opening.

“Also enjoying the activities was Councilor Mark Edwards. Rob Daley, Len Hurkmans and Glynis Enright from the Bay Islands Social night tennis club were the extra workers needed to get new club up and running on the day.

“Thank you to Rural Firefighter’s First Officer Larry Hoffman, Firefighters - Luke, Jess and Sean for giving up your time for the children.” Caitlyn Lyons from Tennis QLD had this to say at the sign on day: “The Islands have a wonderful tennis facility here at the sports complex, and it is crying out to be used to its full capacity.

“What is so pleasing is that there were so many young people here with their parents who stayed on to enjoy the activities on the courts.

“And to have the Russell Island Volunteer Fire Brigade turn up with their truck for all the kids to have a mini induction to the workings of the truck is just not something I have EVER seen on the mainland….such a great community turn out.”

A former leading junior tennis player himself, Andrew believes the club will now go from strength to strength.

“It is about doing things correctly through Tennis Queensland and with their guidance putting systems in place for young players to learn and have fun.

It’s an investment in our youth and our community. Caitlyn has been a great mentor who will return in a few weeks to ensure we keep the junior club members engaged and having fun whilst learning skills appropriate to their ability.”

• Andrew Rizzo and the large group of young players who turned up for the ‘sign on’ day.