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Lamb Island has joined Russell Island and Macleay Island and now boasts its own arts group.

Lambarts is the brainchild of well known island artist Suzie Catton.

Suzie was involved with arts on Macleay Island for some time, but as a resident of Lamb Island, believed it was time that an arts group be formed on her ‘home’ island.

She has since been proved correct.

In a short space of time Lambarts has already attracted nine active members.

The group meets on Tuesday of each week for artistic mornings where art is progressed and ideas exchanged.

Suzie Catton said: “Like the other islands, there are now quite a number of Lamb Island residents with artistic skills and backgrounds.

“The aim of Lambarts is to bring them together to allow arts on our island to grow and develop,” Suzie told The Friendly Bay Islander.

The initial goals of Lambarts is firstly to bring like-minded artistic people together, and;

To encourage all styles and mediums of art on Lamb Island.

“And we are working towards holding our first Lambarts exhibition on Lamb Island later in the year.

The group is fortunate that it is able to utilise the Lamb Island First Aid Centre for their weekly Tuesday morning meetings.

“This is where we hold a weekly workshops and we are hopeful that we might be able to progress to the Pioneer Hall next door if and when we become a bigger group,” Suzie said.

Whilst Suzie Catton set up the group and is a point of contact for it, there is no ‘formal’ structure as such.

“We are just friends in art, but there is no formal structure such as a committee or a president or whatever.”

Clearly Lambarts is keen to hear from anyone on Lamb Island who would like to be involved.

Not just existing artists, but those who might like to take up one of the many forms of art expression.

“We would like to hear form anyone who would like to get involved in any form of art,” Suzie added.

Artists, potters, designers, photographers, whatever are invited.

The group meets every Tuesday at the First Aid Centre at the rear of the Lamb Island Recreation Club between 9am and 12 noon. To find out more, please phone Suzie on 0405913442.

• Suzie and Cheryl at Lambarts.




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