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Kerry Gray’s shock passing a few months ago has been marked with the placement of a beautiful timber seat on the foreshore of Macleay Island.

The seat has been constructed by well known island sculptor, Ted Upton, and has been placed in a position that was one of Kerry’s favoured spots.

“He used to park not far from here and admire the view, and he carried out work in this area with his favoured bobcat “, said his wife, Eleesa Zlatic, of the Organic Markets.

Kerry Gray was known for his skill in improving the road system on Macleay Island.

He was also a former Australian dirt bike champion.

It was appropriate that Ted joined Eleesa and her and Kerry’s children, Ayla and Issac, for the photograph on this page.

“Kerry was a wonderful man; much loved by many on the islands,” Ted Upton said.

“I wanted to construct this seat in his memory.”

Ted utilised timber from the Organic Markets to fashion the seat that has the simple word, ‘Kerry’ engraved into the back of the seat.

Eleesa Zlatic said: “This was his most favourite spot on the island, and he died just a few yards from here.

“It is the most appropriate position for this lovely seat that Ted has made in his memory.”

The seat is the sixth that Ted has made for public use on Macleay Island. He also made a number of private timber seats as well.

Eleesa Zlatic said the seat would never had happened were it not for the efforts of many including the Macleay Island Progress Association, the Red Tent Association, and the Cheeks on Seats program.

Cheeks on Seats also gratefully acknowledges the help and cooperation of Redland City Council Officers with this and other similar projects.

• Ayla, Isaac and Eleesa with Ted Upton and Kerry Gray’s memorial seat.



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