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Kaitlin Wood is most probably at this moment at her mother’s home is Seatttle, Washington (US) nursing her new born baby.,

However, when we met her a couple of weeks ago, she was on the deck of our Russell Island friend, Bob Turner.

Bob told The Friendly Bay Islander about Kaitlin, who had based herself in the waterways off Russell Island, several weeks ago.

With her partner Levi Verwose, they had made their way down the Queensland Coast over the past two years aboard their small catamaran, named the Isis.

In these times, the name Isis is very controversial.

However, Kaitlin assures us the name is based on the Egyptian goddess Isis, one of the most important icons of ancient Egypt.

Did we mention that the catamaran is small?

Kaitlin compares it to the ‘double coffin’.

The little catamaran is just two hulls joined together by a traditional catamaran link.

How the couple have lived in it for two years since they purchased it in Northern Queensland, defies logic.

Kaitlin Woods assures us that she was leaving their little craft with some sorrow.

“I really love this little catamaran,” she told us.

Kaitlin is originally from the capital of Washington State in the US, the lovely city of Seattle; and that’s where her mother still lives.

A wanderlust at heart, she headed off years ago and did much of her growing up in Hawaii.

This was where she met Levi Verbose and gained a love of the water and sailing.

“Two years ago we were asked to deliver a yacht to Australia, and we have stayed here ever since.

“We purchased the 22ft catamaran Isis and have been travelling down the coast of Queensland ever since.”

However, it wasn’t until they reached our group of islands that Kaitlin decided she wanted to ‘hang around’ for a while.

The couple met up with the island yachting community and the Sandy Beach Sailing and Kayak Club in particular.

Moored in the channel between Russell and Karragarra Islands, the couple have used the jetty at Bob Turner’s unusual waterside residence as a ‘landfall’.

“We just love it here, and we will be coming back when the baby is strong enough to return with us,” Kaitlin said.

They have left ‘Isis’ here with Bob Turner keeping a watchful eye.

“I have found the islands just so peaceful.

“It is so easy here to be intimate with nature. The bird life here is amazing, and fish are always jumping around us.

“And I have to say there are not a lot of places like this anywhere in the world where you can live comfortably and live like you islanders can here in this part of Moreton Bay,” Kaitlin continued.

“Being heavily pregnant, it has been a wonderful idyll to relax and reflect on our adventures and the lovely network of people we have met here.

“It really has been a home away from home and I can’t wait to get back here with our baby,” she told us just hours before boarding a direct flight to Hawaii and then onto Seattle.

Kaitlin was due to have her baby in early July. We will keep you posted.

• A heavily pregnant Kaitlin Wood on board one of the craft moored at an island jetty.



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