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Work is to start in the coming days on construction of the Memorial Gardens on Russell Island.

The Gardens are the concept of Cr Mark Edwards, which he foreshadowed in January of 2016.

They will be called the Bay Island Memorial Gardens and will be located on the last hill in High Street, Russell Island.

Work was scheduled to start on the project on 5th July to be constructed by Redland City Council.

It is expected the Memorial Gardens will be completed by the end of July.

Cr Edwards said the Memorial Gardens would allow residents to intern the ashes of family and friends on the island.

“The idea was for a memorial gardens to be available to island residents to allow them to keep the ashes of their loved ones on the islands so they can pay their respects locally, without having to travel to the mainland,” the councillor said.

“The area in question is a four hectare site that we will be fitted out with benches and tables so people can sit and reflect; as well as walled provisions for the internment of ashes.”

Cr Edwards said the facility would not be a cemetery or a crematorium.

“This is a memorial garden only, there will be no burials, funerals or cremations, and it will be a quiet place of contemplation.”

He said residents came to him with the request, saying that it was not always practical to travel to the mainland when they wanted to visit their loved ones.

He continued: “The strong connection that draws people to the islands also means, that for many, they wish for an island final resting place.

“While we manage two mainland cemeteries and one on North Stradbroke Island, until now there have been limited provisions for permanent memorialisation on the Bay Islands,” Cr Edwards said.

The Bay Islands Memorial Gardens is being established within the High Street Nature Belt Park and will be in keeping with the natural environment.