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Redland City Councillors surprised at the recent ‘opening’ of the Karragarra Shade Sail.

In the biggest turnout of councillors for any event on our islands in our memory, five councillors made the journey to Karragarra, to find out what our islands are all about.

And as far as the islands are concerned, we could not have put on a better day for it.

Pristine sunshine and Karra Beach as the backdrop and it was a near perfect combination.

And certainly the group of councillors was more than impressed.

The lineup was particularly interesting.

Cr Mark Edwards said he was ‘inspired’ to invite the councillors because of a recent story in the Friendly Bay Islander where Deputy Mayor Cr Wendy Boglary stated she would like to hold a Meet and Greet on the Islands, and she nominated the Shade Sail opening as an ‘appropriate’ event for it to happen.

Well, it didn’t become part of a Meet and Greet, but the event did bring along Cr Edwards with Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary, Cr Murray Elliott, Cr Paul Bishop and Cr Tracey Huges.

Cr Edwards felt the time was ‘opportune’ particularly as the council in recent times has been taking our islands more seriously.

All who attended the Karragarra event, have recently been listening to Cr Edwards and others and it would be fair to say they now see our islands in a ‘new light’.

All who attended the Karra event admitted they had visited the islands on many occasions in the past in various capacities.

Deputy Mayor Boglary put it simply:”There is an appreciation of the islands and what they mean to the Redlands. They certainly make us ‘unique’ in many ways.

“Events like this are a great way for our councillors to get to know islanders, and vice-versa.

“I’d have to say that the days was a spectacular success,” she said.

Cr Edwards was full of praise for his fellow councillors.

“They came to have a look and were impressed with the positive attitude that prevails particularly on Karragarra Island.

“The Karra Ratepayers and Residents Group are very active in island affairs and are very good at putting together a sound argument for improved island amenities.”

Cr Edwards said the extension to the shed area at Karragarra Beach and the new shade sail area over the children’s play equipment, were all requested by the KIRRA group.

“It is through organisations such as this, we councillors get to know what islanders want.

“I would like to thank my fellow councillors for coming today. It has been outstanding,” Cr Edwards added.

• The Redland City Councillors with islanders Helen Stewart and Sonia and Gary Berry.

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