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Macleay Parking Project Now a Reality!

So it has finally happened.

One of the islands’ longest running sagas has finally come to fruition.

It has been the longest, continual story to grace the pages of your Friendly Bay Islander.

The Macleay Island car park project is finally going start!

After months of haggling and negotiating; first with the State Government, and then with the tender process, a contractor for the now $8.5 million job has been appointed.

The winning tender was awarded to the civil group Pensar Civil Pty Ltd, a well known civil works construction company located in Brisbane’s south.

We know the company is keen to get underway with the project, because we received a call from Managing Director Reese Deaves.

He told us he would love to tell us more about it, but he cannot.

“Our contract with Redland City Council states that all statements in relation to the project must come via council.”

He apologised for his position, but he was obviously pleased his company had been awarded the contract.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams had earlier announced Pensar Civil Pty Ltd had been awarded the contract to construct a new seawall and sealed car park, associated road works and marine infrastructure, a new two-lane recreational boat ramp, a third lane for a future floating walkway, and access stairs.

She said: “This is the largest single infrastructure project in the 2017-2018 budget and the entire foreshore project has been designed to entomb any possible presence of asbestos at the site,” Cr Williams said.

When completed, the new, large redevelopment will provide 147 car parks including an additional six disabled car parks, 26 car-trailer parks and eight motor cycle parks, as well as a new drop-off zone and safer vehicle access.

The delays throughout have been long and difficult, adding to the length of the entire process.

Negotiations with the Queensland State Labor Government almost ground to a halt because of their attitude to any foreshore work in Queensland.

Only intervention from Mayor Karen Williams, with support from Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, saw the project finally approved.

The length of time involved saw council having to up its investment in the project from the original $6.5 million to the now $8.5 million; a huge win for the islands.

There were many on Macleay Islands who believed the project would ‘never happen’.

Only when the equipment is on the site and work gets underway will these naysayers will be convinced.

So what does it mean for the islands, and Macleay Island in particular?

It changes everything.

The influx of a large workforce on Macleay Island during the building process should provide a huge boost to the island economy. These people will have to be serviced and fed.

The project will lead to further considerations for improved island parking, particularly on nearby Russell Island, surely the next cab off the rank?

The recent opening of the Redland Bay Marina Translink Bus Station has given islanders a glimpse of the possibility of future changes.

The bus station gives a whole new perspective of the entry to the islands.

The Macleay car park and beach that will come from these new works, will improve the impression and entry to our Bay Islands.

Congratulations and thanks goes to Cr Mark Edwards and Mayor Karen Williams for their persistence with this project over a long period of time.

Thanks also goes to a much more ‘island friendly’ Redland City Council which has in recent times been far more cognisant of the needs of our islands and putting aside previous political positioning. Well done, and it is appreciated.



Many islanders, particularly on Macleay, will remember Michael (Mick) Fraser. Mick was a long term resident of Macleay Island who died on Tuesday July 12 in a Melbourne nursing home. Mick was known for his painting work; he was an author of several books and a film maker both producing and directing. Many will remember Mick was badly injured thee years ago on Lamb Island when a motor vehicle ploughed into the island shed where Mick was waiting to catch a ferry. He sustained life threatening injuries, along with brain damage. After Nick spent five months in the PA Hospital and lost his right leg, his daughter took her father back to Melbourne where he spent these past three years in a nursing home. His island friends are glad that he may now rest in peace.


Stradbroke Ferries recently reviewed the fares currently applicable to North Stradbroke Island and Southern Bay Islands vehicle ferry services. In a public statement, the barge operators stated: “Like most businesses, our ferry service is faced with steady increases in our operating costs. Every effort is made to limit the effect of price increases but since we have not increased our fares for a number of years we can no longer absorb the additional costs. We wish to advise that we will be increasing the prices on our vehicle ferries in two phases, commencing 9th October 2017.

• Prices for all large vehicles (over 6.4m long and over 2.0m wide) such as trucks and buses will increase effective for travel commencing 9th October 2017.

• Prices for all cars and motorhomes (under 6.5m long and 2.0m wide) together with trailers will increase effective for travel commencing 1st April 2018.

In line with common business practice, a decision has been made by SeaLink to introduce surcharges for Credit Card payments. This will be coming into effect from the 1st August 2017.


Overheard people talking waiting for passenger ferries on Macleay stating that the existing foreshore car park will be badly affected during the construction of the $8.5 million new car park to start in August. The Friendly Bay Islander has contacted council who has stated that the existing foreshore car park will not be utilised in any way during the major construction works. Council stated: “The construction work will be completed in three stages so that the existing car parking area will be unaffected until the new section is open for use. All equipment will be located on the construction site.”


The Ferry comedians put some great lines over the intercom, particularly at Origin time when the NSW supporters who double as ‘deckies’ declare their Blue loyalties. Heard the other day: “Who wants us to leave the school kids behind?” There was a resounding cheer of affirmation!

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