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A petition has been presented to Redland City Council requesting a boat ramp and infrastructure be constructed at Rocky Point on southern Russell Island.

The petition was presented to council by Cr Mark Edwards following a presentation by Yvonne Beckett from the Moreton Bay Combined Islands Association on behalf of boating and tourism interests and in support of the recent fire review, also recently presented to council.

The fire review identified the lack of secondary evacuation points on the island, and in particular the south end of Russell Island.

In her statement to council, Yvonne Beckett, said the petition had been organised by island resident Margaret Kemp and it contained more than 1000 support signatures.

It has also been supported by various groups including the Rocky Point Fishing, Boating and Camping Club.

She also said that page 58 of the fire report clearly states: “the necessity for alternate escape routes from bush fires and other emergencies”.

A boat ramp in the Rocky Point location would also provide comfort to southern island residents, many of whom were cut off from the northern end during the island bushfires late last year.

To aid the petition and the request for the boat ramp, it was pointed out that the land on which Rocky Point is situated is owned by the Queensland State Government and maps show it is ‘designated’ for a landing point.

The Redland City Council owns adjacent land suitable for vehicles and trailers.

Margaret Kemp stated in a support letter to the petition to council: “In the event of a major fire restricting access at the north, a Rocky Point facility could provide for timely evacuation of people and property plus vital secondary access for additional fire fighting personnel and fire transport units.”

She said as an added bonus “a boat ramp access at Rocky Point will provide the Russell Community with use, exercise and enjoyment of various water craft access and activities to the surrounding waters of southern Moreton Bay”.

In conclusion the presentation stated: “The Russell Island community requests that Redland City Council fully supports the proposed installation of a boat ramp at Rocky Point and partner with the island community to seek support from local State Members of Parliament and the Queensland Government to support the building and funding of the Russell Island Rocky Point boat ramp.”

Cr Mark Edwards spoke in support of the proposal, making the point that the State Government approval would be required before the boat ramp could become a reality.

The matter was referred to the CEO Andrew Chesterman to investigate further and to refer to the appropriate State Government agencies.


• Supporters for the Rocky Point boat ramp Greg Hartley-Szabo and Keith Mills.

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