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When Redland City Councillor Mark Edwards made an official visit to the Pensar Pty Ltd foreshore site on Macleay Island, he discovered a project that is running ahead of schedule.

Cr Edwards met with Pensar Project Manager, Noel Martyn, who explained the construction process to the councillor.

He said the entire site was being covered with a material to completely cover asbestos affected areas.

It was the location of the asbestos from old buildings on the site that finally convinced the Queensland State Government that the Macleay Island project could finally go ahead after months of delays and hurdles.

Noel Martyn said his crew were ‘very experienced’ and were working as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“It is our goal to stay under the deadline for construction of this project.

“The shorter amount of time we are here, the better it is for all concerned.”

He said the work was contracted to be completed by July of next year.

“If we can be finished prior to that date, so much the better; and that is what we will be trying to achieve,” the project manager said.

Cr Edwards said he was ‘more than impressed’ with the quality of the work and the Pensar team involved.

“They clearly know what they are doing and I am confident they will be completed by the scheduled contract date, or even earlier.”

The councillor added that Macleay Islanders using the new parking area and facilities that come with it, ‘will really appreciate it when completed’.

“I am particularly impressed with the entry and exit roads that will be part of the project.

“Not only is it efficient, but it will aid local business and services,” the councillor told The Friendly Bay Islander.


• Cr Mark Edwards with Pensar Project Manager, Noel Martyn, overlooking the foreshore site.