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New Member for Redlands

New Labor Member for Redlands, Kim Richards has lived, and raised her son, in the picturesque community of Redlands for over 20 years. She is an accomplished businesswoman and community leader and has extensive experience in architectural firms in business and organisational management. She is one of the successful new ALP figures who have helped to give Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk power in Queensland for the next three years (next election is in October 2020).

Q1: Third time lucky it seems Kim, were you surprised at the result?

A1: My first experience of candidacy was in the 2016 Federal Election. For this State Election, we worked very hard to connect with our Redlands community. We thought the result would be close and have been surprised by the fantastic result winning on primary in all booths.

Q2: It is interesting to see you come from a business background, that is a fresh new direction for the Labor Party is it not?

A2: The Labor Party is comprised of Members from diverse backgrounds. I am looking forward to bringing my experience and expertise in business to our Redlands community to grow opportunity and position for future prosperity.

Q3: Our focus is on the southern islands of Moreton Bay, what is your knowledge of our unique islands?

A3: Our Southern Moreton Bay Islands are a unique Queensland asset and the crowning jewels of South East Queensland. There Islands have amazing environmental attributes and location. However, connectivity and economic development have been problematic for residents and areas for key focus.

Q4: SE Queensland has developed remarkably in the past 10 years with infrastructure put in place at an amazing pace, whilst the islands have largely missed out on both State and Federal monies, can you help us address that imbalance?

A4: South East Queensland has indeed developed significantly over the past decade, and not just with Government money. Investment from the private sector has also had a significant impact – catalytic infrastructure projects like the Sunshine Coast University Hospital were undertaken in Public Private Partnership. We need to look at how we can get similar great outcomes for the islands developing a plan and prioritizing action.

Q5: The Southern Moreton Bay Islands and Coochiemudlo Island have a combined population of about 12,000 people; the size of medium small town. However, we don’t have any of the amenities of a medium small town. Can you work with Government and Local Government to correct this alarming anomaly?

A5: It will be essential for all three levels of Government to work together to deliver for our Island communities.

Q6: You are a member of Government, should that mean we have a lot more to look forward to by way of results via State funding and recognition of our islands?

A6: As promised, I will be fighting day in and day out to ensure that Redlands gets the attention necessary to ensure we collectively prosper. I am extremely passionate about ensuring our Islands are recognized for the magnificent asset they are to Queensland and will be working closely with community, Government departments and the Redland City Council to maximize every opportunity to promote Redlands.

Q7: Safety and security have long been issues on our islands. The LNP declared they would double police presence on our islands. As a member of Government, will you be able to match that offer?

A7: The promise made by the LNP was uncosted and in the last week of campaigning. Safety and security across the Redlands will be something I focus on, particularly with regards to policing capacity.

Q8: We have not seen an active premier visit our islands in our memory; what chance of getting Annastacia Palaszczuk to come and visit?

A8: The Premier visited Victoria Point jetty last Friday overlooking our magnificent islands and was very impressed. I will be inviting many of my parliamentary colleagues to visit.

Q9: How important is it for you to work with the Redland City Council, the Mayor and Divisional Councillors to attain the best results for our islands?

A9: It is an imperative as mentioned earlier that all three levels of Government work collaboratively to ensure we get the best outcomes for Redlands.

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