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Russell Island Real Estate Major Changes

Russell Island Real Estate Major Changes

New Ownership at Russell Island Real Estate are certainly making some BIG changes with their new business.

Locals are commenting on how great the new landscaped front is looking and how nice it is to see a change for the better taking place, being literally the first business one sees when coming to Russell Island. it is now a beautifully presented property that greatly enhances visitors first impressions of the island.

New Manager/Licensee Geoff Walsh, a well know local island resident. is excited at all the changes still yet to be made. He says “watch this space” as he hopes to have the whole front presentation finished in the next month or so as once the newly planted hedges grow it will evolve into a beautiful look for the front door of Russell Island.

Th add to the changes being made not only externally but internally a whole new suite of super up to date Property Management systems have been introduced that ensure & give the Property Owner a whole new ability to see their property online and how it is going, even check where the rental payments are up to, “ this is a brilliant portfolio management tool for the owner” he says.

In the coming months Geoff will introduce all his new staff and this month he would like to inform everyone that well respected and a local island resident Sales Agent Bruno Komel has joined the new team.

You only have to walk down the street with Bruno to see all the people that say Hello and have a chat with him, he has sold many properties here and considers them to be his friends and indeed they are. He is highly respected in our Community and that has been earnt, not given.

Bruno has been an integral part of the new team from day one of us taking over, his expertise has been invaluable in supporting us all in implementing the many new changes we have made to date and are still yet to make, everyone that knows Bruno knows he is a man of integrity and a 100% straight shooter and that is what we want in all our staff moving forward in developing this new business.

Here at Russell island Real Estate gone are the days of the person that can sell a block of land and then a car the next day; we will only have people of high values, local island residents that look after the clients’ interests, we are here for the long term, we are not a short-term gain seekers and this attitude we know will bode well for us all in the longer term.

A strict company policy is to hire island staff only as we want the Community to grow and become an even greater place for all to live, this company policy also ensures all monies made remain and circulate on the islands helping them grow.

We know this has a huge positive impact as we have seen all too often the results whereby non-island residents coming and working on the islands do not care like a local resident does, plus any monies made leave the islands and do not benefit the community, in this business particularly we take the attitude that the next buyer or renter could be our neighbour.

We are all about supporting the islands and enhancing the lifestyle living here for all.

We fully believe the saying “Locals supporting Locals” as then the whole local Community benefits.

It is early days yet and we still have much to do and changes to implement that only make the business better that in turn flows onto the clients and in turn the Community as we also belive that Real Estate Agents have a huge responsibility to our Community and how we manage properties is a direct reflection of and on the Community at large and we take this very seriously.

We have signed the Zero Tolerance program and we like to think that is the basis only to set out from and lift the rental game significantly here on Russell Island.

As a last item we would like to Thank all the great tradespeople we have on our books that have really stepped up & assisted us in the renovations that we have done so far, as their help has been simply amazing, we have some brilliant trade services here available to us here on Russell and we all need to support them best we can.