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A major exit road that will service the new $8.5 million Macleay Foreshore Parking area, is rapidly nearing completion.

Contractors for the major job, Pensar Pty Ltd, are ahead of schedule on the major island infrastructure project.

Aided by fair weather, a massive amount of the project has already been completed.

The exercise has been a major undertaking.

It has involved the moving of around 45,000 tonne of material from the mainland to Macleay Island via a unique tug and barge operation.

Much of that material is now in place.

Whilst the foreshore has been rapidly filled with the material, another Pensar gang has been working on the exit road that will service the large car parking area.

It runs from the western end of the parking area and connects with the start of High Central Road.

The road has been formed and guttered and just prior to Christmas it was almost ready for sealing.

Work on the project is due to be completed by July of this year and currently, is ahead of schedule.

Whether it remains so, will have much to do with the forthcoming summer storm season.

A major weather event could put a spanner in the works, but the Pensar team are confident or remaining on track.

• Work on the exit road nearing completion.




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