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Hello, we have some exciting news! A new initiative for 2018 is our Farm "Open Days" and Mini Market happening every Tuesday 9.30am to 3.30pm… commencing Tuesday 6th February. This will be an opportunity to be involved and help out with various farm projects/jobs as a volunteer. Like a beautiful big working bee every Tuesday! If keen, come on in on a Tuesday and chat to Corey. The market will be operating but in a smaller capacity than our regular Saturday market. The pantry will be open, drinks, dairy and frozen goods will be available along with a limited range of fresh produce. So, if you've run out of milk, short on spuds, in need of a few condiments, snacks etc, then pop in! The coffee bar will also be open on Tuesdays with a selection of the delicious gluten free cakes that are always so popular at Saturday market. So you can now drop in for morning tea, afternoon tea, or any time in between! If you're a member of one of the many island community groups/organisations you may consider having your meetings at the farm on Tuesdays. We have one such group already keen to do so! It's a nice setting that beats sitting in an office! While we can't offer you air conditioning, there's usually a nice breeze.

If you've started your new year and have realised that you don't yet have a calendar, don't worry, as we have some still in stock! All remaining 2018 calendars and diaries are now reduced by 20% ... so it's lucky for you that you held off buying one. Now you can pick one up a little bit cheaper. Hurrah! We have a few different types of awesome calendars available, including Astrological Moon Planting Calendars, Moon Cycle Calendars, Pip Magazine Kitchen Wall Calendars, and the Goddess Moon Diaries. The Moon Diaries are beautifully presented and a perfect gift for teenage girls and women.

The Artery has proved to be a huge success. The next exhibition opens on the first Saturday of February and will feature artworks by Lamb Island artist Cathi Cash & Macleay Island artist Karen Foster and it's going to be all kinds of amazing! Inside the Artery you will also find beautiful gifts and cards, all locally made and totally unique.

Summer days! Summer treats! Our rich and delicious zebra ice creams have been a huge hit, as have our range of organic fair trade soft drinks! We also stock kombucha, organic ginger beer, lemon lime & bitters, juice, coconut water, Barambah smoothies and more, so if you're in need of some healthy and tasty refreshments be sure to check out our drinks fridge!

On the Farm, it has been a dry summer so far, but we've still managed to harvest a good amount of produce such as leafy greens, herbs, chillies, bananas, tomatoes, paw paws, persimmons, passion fruit and lemons to name a few. We're still very much looking forward to some rain though!

Now that the kids are back at school and everyone is settling into their usual routines again, if you've not thought of ordering a produce box before, perhaps now is a good time to do so. As well as being a convenient way to shop, it's also healthy. A box filled with organically grown, chemical free and biodynamic fresh locally farmed produce is something rather special! And you deserve something special! The best way to order a seasonal produce box is online at

with the option of ordering a large box ($60.00) or a small box ($40.00). Order and pay before noon each Tuesday and get a bonus 5% in your box. Mary and Shan will make up your order with a variety of beautiful produce to see you through the week ahead. If you'd like to organise a custom produce box that's certainly fine too! Simply phone/text Mary on 0476 000 996 or email: for all the details. We offer complimentary delivery on Macleay island and deliver via the ferries to Lamb island, Karragarra island, Russell island and to Redland Bay.

We look forward to seeing you each Tuesday and Saturday!

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