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Parking zones in and around the new Redland Bay Marina at Weinam Creek are going to be adjusted.

Redland City Council is looking at a ‘fairer and better’ structure for parking in the area.

Cr Mark Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander that the current parking zones are ‘out of kilter’ when it comes to convenience and regularity of use.

“Currently, the zones are not fair to the majority of islanders who make use of the car parking areas.

“We have a situation where unlimited zones are not in synch with reality,” the councillor said

At the present time, zoning for parking to the fence line from the jetty area at Weinam Creek is 18 hours in the first row; three day parking in the next two rows, and unlimited parking along the fence line that borders the paid secure council car park.

Cr Edwards believes the system needs to be changed for this area to have mostly three-day parking to the fence line.

“The situation at the moment borders on the ridiculous with a number of vehicles abusing the situation. Some cars are parked in this area for months at a time.

“It is a poor and unfair use of the free, unlimited parking in this area,” the councillor said.

The councillor has met with council officers who are going to come up with a zoning structure that the councillor believes will be ‘fairer and more functional’.

“I believe the final outcome will be 18 hours in the first row and then three day parking to the fence line.

“The gravel car parks closest to the terminal will be 7 day parking areas, whilst unlimited parking will be restricted to the areas near the northern barge terminal and the car parks west of the council car park.”

The councillor, in researching the changes, came up with some interesting facts that should please island residents.

“Before the terminal development there were 643 FREE car parks. This does not include on street parking, the secured paid parking or parking in private blocks of land. This is just the free parking areas.

“Whilst the terminal was being built, we increased the free parking by 30% to 834 free car parks. Now the terminal has been completed, the number of legitimate car parking spaces has increased from 643 to 834; an increase of 191 car parking space.”

The proposed parking time changes will now mean the number of three day parking spaces will increase to 189 (+84) while the unlimited parking will reduce to 143.

“The next change I would like to see reviewed is to increase the disabled parking however they may be time limited rather than unlimited,” the councillor added.

• A map showing the proposed parking zone changes at Weinam Creek.



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