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The Running Wild school holiday program concluded with the 2018 Summer Foot Rally challenge.

The race, attended by Member for Redlands Kim Richards and Cr Mark Edwards, started at the Tingira Boat Club on Macleay Island at 3pm and finished at the Russell Island Pool around 6pm

About 35 young people participated in the event that involved a face-to-face challenge involving Cr Edwards and Kim Richards, who were (almost) willing participants in this activity.

Mark Edwards explained: “ At our checkpoint in Jock Kennedy Park, the kids were asked a question. If they got it right then Kim and I had to drink a glass containing a mix of sardines, olives, soy sauce, wasabi, Worcestershire sauce, beans and a few other things.

“Unknown to us, the kids were given the answers beforehand and this resulted in Kim and I having to take many mouthfuls of the ‘delightful/horrid’ concoction”.

This was followed by a swim at the pool, a bbq and awards presented with all participants receiving medals and trophies for the winners.

It was a great fun event to end the summer program for island youngsters.

• Cr Edwards and Kim Richards about to take another ‘sip’!