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Contrary to previous reports, Council has no plan to add extra bins at this time but is reviewing service levels at our island waste transfer stations.


It is the biggest dog we have ever seen in a small car! He just happened to be the occupant of a small Mitsubishi Colt; a huge black dog in a very small black car! He was on the barge to Macleay Island and his sheer size in contrast to the motor vehicle he was in, was startling. Then there was the near waterfall of slobber down the side of the car. We didn’t dare to glimpse inside the vehicle. Clearly the big dog is loved, because the owner then started getting a shot of him with his head sticking out of the back window, with his big camera. As you will note, so did we!


The islands are definitely getting ‘busier’ during the holiday season. It was par for the course on Straddie. They are used to big influxes of visitors and so, too, are Coochiemudlo. Not so much the Bay Islands, but there was a definite build up this year. The holidays and island growth is having an impact. It also brings into focus the passenger ferry gaps, particularly on weekends direct from Macleay Island. There are two gaps of two hours on a weekend with direct ferries to the mainland, and getting a seat on ferries from 7.08 to 9.58 is pretty chaotic. Perhaps weekend ferries might be increased as our population continues to grow, particularly on Russell and Macleay islands.


The spare jetty on Macleay Island is a favourite for fishing a swimming, particularly during the holiday months. Unfortunately the jetty has literally been ‘out of commission’ for almost a year. Ineffective coloured safety streamers are supposed to stop enthusiastic youngsters from using the steps and lower deck, because they are in poor condition. Clearly the deck and the steps are in poor condition and are supposed to be upgraded. The same situation occurred at Amity a couple of years ago, and it was discovered that the jetty facilities are owned by the State Government which has to tell the Redland City Council when repairs are required, with the State Government to foot the bill. Clearly a case of the left hand not working in unison with the right hand. Let’s hope it gets sorted out soon before another summer slips by!

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