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On 26 October 2017, the Russell and Macleay Island Waste Transfer Stations commenced a short term trial extending from five day to seven day operation each week.

Cr Mark Edwards has advised that the extended operating hours were due to cease on 31 January 2018.

“The results of that trail showed that it is benefiting our island community and, as a result, Redland City Council has decided to extend the trial until 30 June 2018,” he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

He further explained that there will be an additional cost to Council to have the transfer stations open every day and the two transfer stations cost around $540,000 per year to operate.

In the first three months of the trial, 959 tons of green waste had been taken to the Russell Island transfer station and 541 tons to the Macleay station.

With mixed waste, 182 tons deposited at Russell and 209 tons at Macleay. Commercial waste is in addition to this.

The Friendly Bay Islander has received complaints from a few island business operators who say they have problems dumping their own personal waste because their vehicle has business signage on it.

The Council’s web site advises that if your only vehicle is commercial-signed, you can apply for a Commercial Vehicle Waiver.

Council will assess your application and if approved, a total of eight waivers will be issued for a 12 month period. The forms are available on the Council web site.

Cr Edwards told the Friendly Bay Islander that some people continue to illegally dump waste when ‘there is no need to’.

“There were 10 illegal dumpings of rubbish during our initial 7 day trial period.

“I want to get the message out to all islanders to take advantage of this extended waste operation and please do not dump your rubbish.

“Take it to the tip any day of the week. It will be open!” the councillor said.

• Cr Mark Edwards at the entrance to the Macleay Island waste facility

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