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It is almost certain that the Walker Group will have no more involvement with the proposed Weinam Creek PDA development.

Several ‘Red Flags’ have been raised in recent time which indicate that the development group has lost interest in the project.

And, it opens the way for Redland City Council to implement a more effective development plan for the PDA site that could make it happen sooner rather than later.

The first ‘Red Flag’ was the continual postponements by Walkers in coming up with an effective plan for Weinam Creek that has been accepted by the State and Local governments.

The second ‘Red Flag’ came from the State Government in recent days when they declared that a ‘special announcement’ will be made in relation to the Weinam Creek PDA site ‘within one month’.

Another ‘Red Flag’ has been the removal from its website by the Walker Group of any reference to the Weinam Creek project.

Division 5 councillor Mark Edwards has given an indication of his ‘unhappiness’ with the situation, and the lack of progress to date.

Whilst not being specific, the councillor did say he was ‘disappointed’ that the Weinam Creek PDA has gone on for ’so long without progress on the ground’.

“I would have hoped there would have been progress by now however I am buoyed with the acquisition of Moore’s Farm, which removes a number of obstacles."

The councillor said what was ‘positive’ about the project was council’s desire to see the Weinam Creek PDA project still become a reality.

“In fact, I know council is still very proactive about the future of Weinam Creek and the project,” Cr Edwards told The Friendly Bay Islander.

It should be pointed out that the declaration of the site as a Priority Development Area has nothing to do with the Walker Group.

Despite what some have been indicating, the PDA remains in place whether the Walker Group is involved or not.

Another factor is that the Weinam Creek situation is entirely different and has no relation to the project at Toondah Harbour which involves the Walker Group.

Council has a unique opportunity to learn from what has occurred via the process so far and to come up with a more effective plan to make the project happen far sooner than later.

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