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It is believed Redland City Council has decided to ‘go it alone’ with the development of the Weinam Creek Priority Development areas.

This was predicted by The Friendly Bay Islander in our March edition.

Cr Mark Edwards confirmed council’s likely direction when he told the FBI: ”Council is likely to commit to its largest community infrastructure development to date in undertaking the ‘lead development role’ in the Weinam Creek project.”

He said the entire project could eventually cost in the vicinity of tens to hundreds of million, depending on what is built in negotiations with future developers who choose to become part of the various elements of the project.

However, he made the point that all plans and outcomes required negotiations with and approval from Economic Development Queensland.

He added that council would be required to invest heavily in major infrastructure (parking, parks, walkways etc) within the PDA area.

It is believed that Council and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) in conjunction with Walker Group, decided not to proceed with the original concept.

It is also believed that council currently is finalising a new ‘master plan’ for the Weinam development.

No time line has been set at this point in time.

Cr Edwards told the FBI: “Council is committed to the rejuvenation of the area and, instead, will progress with a plan that provides the community infrastructure the area requires.”

Hidden in that statement is council’s ability to control the developing Weinam strategy.

It will allow, for instance, council to prioritise parking, where that may not have been the case under a developer-umbrella project.

If and when it is approved, the project will transform the waterfront of Redland Bay and enhance the amenity and functionality of what is a busy local community hub.

Car parking will be integral to the Weinam development as planned by council, but at this stage it is not known exactly what form this will take.

It is hoped it will include ground level car parks, increased secure parking, and multi-deck car parks over the life of the project.

Other features of the plan could include improved drop off and storage facilities for Southern Moreton Bay Island residents, rejuvenation of existing park, new pedestrian and cycle ways and construction of a new boat ramp to separate emergency and public access.

The proposed master plan is expected to include a mixed use and medium density residential development and retail, unit development and commercial amenities including shops, cafes and restaurants as well the potential for a health precinct for mainland and island residents.

Cr Edwards said: “ Until we finalise the master plan and details from Economic Development Queensland, and obtain expressions of interest from any likely developers for some of these elements, the actual final details won’t be known.”

It is expected, however, council will start with the car park at Moore’s Farm to address the immediate parking situation and allow space for construction around the terminal.”

The new Council-planned development of the PDA, when completed, will provide a valuable opportunity to showcase Weinam Creek as a community focal point and a regional gateway to the islands.

It will also create jobs and support economic development for the region.

Cr Mark Edwards said the Weinam project when finally approved and constructed, would provide the ‘best possible outcome’ for Weinam Creek, the islands and the Redlands.

“It can be constructed in stages allowing for great flexibility and ‘tweaking’ as required.

“The plan will have the ability to be a living, flexible document that will change considerably as the months and years progress to ensure that all opportunities are realised.

“That will mean that the completed design, when approved by Economic Development Queensland, will be open to continual improvement.

The total area of the Weinam Creek PDA is approximately 42 hectares, including six hectares over water.

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