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Investigations are continuing into the activities of people associated with the Display Partners fiasco.

The Friendly Bay Islander has been in contact with QBCC and Queensland Police.

A QBCC spokesperson told The Friendly Bay Islander: “QBCC’s investigations into this matter are continuing”.

It clearly is a long and slow process.

In the meantime, it is believe that Chris Kirby-Ryan recently appeared in the Cleveland Court in relation to charges brought about under the QBCC Act.

It is believed that whilst no ‘conviction’ was recorded, fines were apparently applied.

It is believed that Queensland Police are also carrying out an extensive investigation that is on-going.

With the main players associated with the flawed property investment business Display Partners either under investigation or headed for bankruptcy, the fallout continues for a number of investors.

It has recently been revealed that island investors could have handed over in excess of $1 million to the property investor scammers.

The principals in the exercise were the oily-tongued Zac Mar, who has had a number of warrants issued for his arrest; and Chris (Ann) Kirby-Ryan, who has now applied for bankruptcy.

In a twist on the saga, The Friendly Bay Islander has discovered that another business, called Assist Property Network has opened on the internet with the same ‘helpful’ goals of Display Partners.

And, lo and behold, the person named behind this venture is Luke Kirby, the son of Chris Kirby-Ryan.

And perhaps the most heart-wrenching and hurtful story of all is that of widow Raewyn Harwood, a New Zealand resident who has visited and has had a long-time interest in moving to Russell Island.

Island resident Joy Olive explained to The Friendly Bay Islander:

“In August 2016 I was having coffee with a friend and while we were there, a female sales assistant (name withheld) from LJ Hooker Russell Island came to the coffee shop to get a take away and I was introduced to her.

“I told her we had a block of land we wanted to sell and she said: ‘Are you sure you want to sell it? There is a way to make money and keep the block of land; if you'd like to know more I'll introduce you to Zak Mar.

‘He’s not in the office at the moment, but if you give me your details when he gets in I'll give the info to him, and you can chat to him about options, but don't put it on the market until you've spoken to Zak." “I agreed and Zak spoke to me that afternoon on the phone and Nick and I went down to the LJ Hooker office the next day and met with Zak.

“We were most impressed with this, that a reputable company like LJ Hooker was promoting this bloke so we though he must be bona fida as LJ Hooker wouldn't promote someone dodgy as it would tarnish their reputation.

“If Zak had only been available at his caravan and had not been promoted by LJ Hooker we would NOT have been so gullible.

“Later when Chris Wadley told us, that we should get out NOW, the deciding factor was Zak worked with LJ Hooker. That was enough for us.

Later my friend Raewyn Harwood from NZ wanted to buy a home,

Nick (Nick Brackstone Joy's husband) and I found one for her to invest in under $200,000 and brand new. It would be a good investment.

“The LJ Hooker lads and the female sales assistant turned up to show us through it.

“Nick and I could see it was just what Raewyn wanted .

“We gave the assistant Raewyn's details .

“ She promptly contacted Raewyn and Raewyn was talked out of the house, and put onto Zak.

“The results of these two events resulted in the loss of expenditures of $9020, and $149,000 respectively.

“I say expenditures; but they were deposits.

“Nick and Raewyn handed over the respective amounts as deposits and since then, Raewyn has seen NOTHING for her investments even though she thought she bought and paid for three blocks of land.

“With the cash she sent over plus with the deal she'd done with Zak to be one of the first houses started, she's out of pocket the full amount.

“As that creep changed the contracts from cash to finance and Raewyn never okayed that ‘adjustment’ and never saw anything but major drama for her money.

“Zak preyed on a grieving widow and it still makes me sad that he could do such a thing and that Chris Kirby-Ryan was up until a short while ago still promising to pay Raewyn back.

“I even sent an email to some head honcho at LJ Hooker, who didn't even have the courtesy to reply.

“ Nick and I went and saw the boys at LJ Hooker as Nick and I were furious at Raewyn's not even owning one of her blocks as confirmed by the council, and telling them they were amiss for promoting Zak and Display Partners; that afternoon they removed the massive banners out of their windows and all the signs promoting them BUT that is not enough,” Joy Olive explained.

The matter has now been brought to the attention of LJ Hooker corporate, and a response is keenly anticipated.

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