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It is a strange concept to some people to purchase Organic produce and products. There are even people in the environmental and health food industry that do not support it. I often puzzle at the thinking, it is hard for me to comprehend how people and groups who support the earth or health cannot see the basic reasons for going Organic.

Fortunately, on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands we have a strong, vibrant and healthy community of people who attend The Organic Market each week. In doing so, they positively support the treatment of the earth, their own health and those farmers and manufacturers who are doing the right thing. They put their money where their mouth is. They vote with the dollar, and they make positive change by doing so.

If you wish to be healthy, the simplest way is to cut out the chemicals in your food and environment. Stop purchasing supplements and vitamins that are synthetically made, and instead purchase food with nutritional value and life force energy. Your body knows how to process this food, and to convert it into exactly what it needs to function properly. The money spent on pills could be instead spent on a box of fruit and vegetables each week, and as your health improves, you will recognise the investment as invaluable!

Everyone who has committed to purchasing their fruit and vegetables weekly from us have all noticed a change for the better in their health. Families have told me that their children’s sickness levels and even behavioural issues have improved.

Chemicals in our system compromise it, they make the body work harder, and after the consumption too many chemicals in the forms that the body cannot flush out, it unfortunately manifests in long term illness and the types of diseases that are incurable.

On the other hand, even when our bodies are showing signs of illness, we can make a huge difference by just taking the chemical load away, letting the body do what it knows innately how to do, and that is to heal itself with the support of good nutrition. The less interference we give it the easier it is.

It is fantastic that so many people are environmental supporters and are doing their bit, tree planting, getting involved in community gardens, cleaning up the waterways, and reducing rubbish. These are all positive steps to do the right thing by the environment. Another simple way to make change is to consider what you eat every day, and how it was grown or produced. Switching over to a daily consumption of chemical free food will create a huge positive environmental footprint!

Everything you purchase to eat influences the environment in a positive or negative way. We have an incredible power to make a difference, and that difference starts with the choices we make.

In the 1940’s DDT was promoted as a healthy insecticide and in the US was sprayed on civilians in the street, in public pools and children at schools. Aerial spraying over backyards, parks and communities was common. All the advertising at the time promoted its safety. Twenty years later scientists began to realise the error, and it became associated with a wide range of human illnesses. The environmental damage it caused to ecosystems and farms is now documented.

As humans, when are we going to learn from our mistakes and realise everything is intertwined. We cannot poison our land and our food without poisoning ourselves. Please make your health and the earths health a priority, vote with your dollar and go organic.