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Two friends and work colleagues on Macleay Island have amazingly combined to ‘rescue’ a stray dog in India!

The stunning episode involved two separate ‘holidays’ to the Indian sub continent six months apart.

Terri Barclay of G.Barclay Real Estate on Macleay Island, headed for India on a motor cycle holiday just over six months ago.

On Terri’s advice, her property manager Michelle Francis, decided to head off on an adventure to India as well, where she was at time of writing this article.

Teri takes up the story: “Last year, on August 20th, I was riding a motorcycle through Kerala, southern India.

“I stopped at a bird sanctuary and when I walked in, a tiny white dog appeared in front of me, cowering and crawling on her belly.

“I love animals, so I immediately crouched down and gently talked to her and coaxed her to me. She was scared, but eventually I was able to rub her head and, oh, didn’t she just love it!

“When I left she followed me partway out, stopping before the exit and just watched me leave and I wanted to pick her up and take her home with me there and then. “I have regretted ever since that I didn’t get him to turn around and take me back to my bike so I could go and check on her. “When I got home I got in touch with the sanctuary both by phone and email but no one could tell me anything about a small white dog there. “I had given her the name ‘Coconut’ as she is the right colour, and there were so many coconut trees in the area. “I determined to fly back and find her and I researched flying her to Australia. This turned out to be impossible, but I was still determined to fly back one day and check on her until Mish Francis posted where she was in India.

“When she found out that she was only 3kms from where I saw my little Coconut, she and Henry the guide, and a friend, Belinda, went to the sanctuary in search of her, not knowing for a moment where in that huge place they might find her. But they did!

And Michelle Francis added her version of events: “Terri said if you go past a bird sanctuary nearby, wave to my dog. I told Henry about the dog and found out the bird sanctuary was only 3 km away.

“So, Henry, Belinda and I headed out early this morning.

“We found the bird sanctuary and entered. We had no idea where to look for this dog so we just started walking.

“Henry decided to tell a ranger why we were really there.

“As soon as he mentioned a white dog the ranger said, "Yes, that's Julie. She gave birth to a litter of puppies at 3am this morning.

"So the ranger took us to Julie and there she was. The funny thing was when Henry told the story the Rangers cracked up laughing and I'm sure I heard the words 'crazy Australians' in their conversation.”

Everyone involved is now happy with the final outcome. Terri Barclay, with the help of Michelle’s guide, has arranged to have Julie and the pups all spayed, wormed and vaccinated.”

A very happy ending indeed!

• Terri Barclay with Coconut six months ago.

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