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It is one of the biggest continual furphies being told about our islands.

There is a group of people on our islands who keep thinking that Government one day will build a bridge to our islands.

We can say here and now, it will never happen in our lifetime!

Those who ‘wish’ and try to cajole and influence the building of a bridge, are doing it for one reason and one reason only: greed!

They are the remaining semblances of the 1980’s ‘white shoe brigade’ who turn up at meetings and work within some island organisations trying to push the ‘bridge’ issue.

They have tried to influence politicians of all persuasions, and still to no avail.

There is no doubt that new Member for Redlands, Kim Richards, summed it up perfectly when a ‘bridge group’ recently rocked up to her island forums, obviously trying to influence and confuse.

Kim Richards told them in no uncertain terms: “I was very clear that there will be no Bridge agenda, for the reason of cost (somewhere in the vicinity of approximately $500 M++), for a population of 4000 on an island where 50% is owned by Redland City Council.

The issue has been clouded by some in the real estate industry who still continue to lie to prospective island property purchasers.

They claim that a ‘bridge will be built’.

One particular island real estate firm on Russell Island, that has a major national name, is a major culprit when it comes to telling these real estate ‘fibs’.

We can tell you that it ‘won’t’ happen.

And to make such claims is no more than a lie.

The bridge issue arose from the 1980’s when the matter was just one of the many lies and fibs about island land were first bandied about.

So bad were those days, they still reflect on Russell Island in particular today, not helped by the current bridge ‘fans’ and some unscrupulous real estate agents.

Back then, the idea was to get a bridge to North Stradbroke Island, via Russell Island.

The bridge argument is a lie for the following reasons.

Kim Richards got it right when she says ‘no Government’ will outlay around half a billion dollars to an island with just a handful of people living on it.

And then you have the parochial island issues that come into it:

1. If you build a bridge, to which island do you construct it?

2. What do you do about the other islands?! Interconnecting bridges?

The bridge issue does highlight an obvious answer required of future levels of Government:

How do we make our current transport system more efficient?

Shortening barge and passenger routes will need to be looked at, at some future time.

But a bridge at a cost of around $500,000 and climbing, just isn’t going to happen!



Stanley Lewis, the man behind Bay Air airport transport services is stepping out of his comfort zone and is doing something remarkable. Stanley decided to volunteer for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and has found himself being part of the performance for the closing ceremony. Needless to say, Stanley is quite excited about being involved. We asked him what task he would be performing in the ceremony, but he says he has been sworn to secrecy. Anyway, we will keep a look out for him, particularly if there are any vehicles involved in the final ceremony of the Games! A whole heap of islanders are going to events and the FBI had tickets for the opening ceremony.


Except for one very hot week in early February, it probably has been one of our coolest summers. The extensive lows right across Australia brought great rains, particularly to areas of Queensland that have not seen rain for years. Whilst the lows hung around for nearly three weeks and we have had extensive rains, they have not been to the cyclone level that we have experience in previous years. There have been strong winds, but not cyclonic. The islands certainly look resplendent thanks to the rains and it can particularly be noticed in parks, reserves, and at the Bay Islands Golf Club, which is looking resplendent. The rains also brought on the new growth at the Russell Island Bowls Club revamped greens, now ready for use after a long lay-off.


CPR Awareness & Snakes Alive! (snake bite first aid) is happening again on Macleay Island thanks to the Local Ambulance Committee. The events will be held at the Macleay Island Progress Hall on Tuesday 17th April and Tuesday 15th May. The sessions cost $2 each. CPR Awareness starts at 10am - duration approximately 90 minutes. Snakes Alive! starts at 12pm - duration approximately 60 minutes. Bookings:, Macleay Island Local Ambulance Committee facebook page or Cheyne 34095262


Seven trainees recently graduated with Certificate I in Conservation and Land Management and two graduated from Certificate I in Business thanks to a Queensland Government Skilling Queenslanders for Work program on Macleay Island. Trainees were actively involved in the completion of a unique foreshore recreational area adjacent to the Tingira Boat Club. Business trainees were a great support to the program and also helped out with community programs such as the School Holiday Program in January. The program has been run on Macleay via the Running Wild group that is headed up by Julie ‘Chook’ Larson. Member for Redlands Kim Richards attended the recent graduation.

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