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Redland City Council has introduced a crackdown on unlawful building work and unkempt blocks and premises.

It applies to all the islands under its jurisdiction.

The focus of the crackdown is particularly on all unlawful building work regardless of its use.

It just happens to be the case that many of these involve shipping containers and some people are living in them illegally.

Cr Mark Edwards told the Friendly Bay Islander: “It is important that people coming to the islands understand that it is unacceptable to set up a bush camp to live in.

“We may be islands but we are a community, like any town, and we have to ensure that our homes are approved by Council and have septic, water and electricity.

There are many blocks on the islands on which shipping containers are located.

Some people have imaginatively built some amazing homes from shipping containers, too.

However, many of the containers are unsightly and are not certified. These will be instructed to be removed by council.

If owners of containers which they wish to use for a shed need to formalise their use, there is a procedure to follow.

A council spokesperson told The Friendly Bay Islander: “They would need to approach a Building Certifier for a building approval and also lodge an application with Council for Amenity and Aesthetics approval (certifier would generally look after this too). This link provides useful information -

Cr Edwards added”I would encourage people to contact Council and find out what they have to do.

“You can have a container as a shed but it must be safely secured and please talk about it with your neighbours. Placement of a container in an area which does not impact on neighbours is very important.

In relation to overgrown blocks and untidy yards in some homes, council said: “Council encourages residents to remove any unsightliness and potential fire hazards such as rubbish and overgrown vegetation.

“Enforcement action will depend on the degree of non-compliance and may include warnings, notices, fines, enter and clear action or prosecution.”

Cr Edwards added: “Please be proactive and look after your vacant blocks of land. It helps everyone.”

As for homes with unkempt and crowded yards, these are assessed by council and action can be taken.

The council crackdown has already resulted in a number of prosecutions.

• Illegal containers are targeted




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