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The Bay Islands Multi Sport and Recreation Association has come a long way since it started out as a fledgling idea for an island incorporated group to share public liability insurance costs.

The rising cost of public liability insurance was making it difficult for small island groups to even exist. Redland City Council consulted with a group of islanders several years ago for expressions of interest in a multi sports group but it failed to get a committee and the feasibility stalled.

With the new found enthusiasm and driving force of Glynis Enright, Leigha Mackenzie, Kylie Little, Peter Turnbull, Dave Tardent, Suzanne Short, Aaron McGalde, Michael Masielo and Gary White the Bay Islands Multi Sport and Rec Association Inc was formed. BIMSARA became the acronym of this group and it is much more than just assisting with Public Liability insurance. With a diverse range of skills and depth of experience BIMSARA will be able to assist members with auspicing arrangements and helping clubs with their governance.

Since those initial small steps, the organisation has literally gone from strength to strength with new directions unfolding and some exciting future possibilities. In April the official BIMSARA launch was attended by all levels of government, and recognition was given to Redland City Council for aiding their establishment.

State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards has given strong support to the program by donating First Aid Kits to the group. She says it is “important for more children to get involved in sport and physical activity.”

The Friendly Bay Islander has also assisted in their establishment, donating a laptop computer to assist in their exciting new directions.

Officially, BIMSARA is a not-for-profit organisation run by a committee of SMBI residents to provide leadership, coordination and facilitation of sport and Recreation activities events and programs for the benefit of the entire SMBI community.

• At the official launch committee members with Cr Mark Edwards and Member for Redlands Kim Richards, Aaron McGlade, Cr Edwards, Garry White, Kim Richards, Kylie Little, Glynis Enright, Peter Turnbull, Leigha Mackenzie, Dave Tardent, Suzanne Short, Michael Masiell




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