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$10,000 UP FOR GRABS


The Russell Island RSL Club has introduced a new membership system that could have some fantastic benefits for new and existing members.

And one of the benefits could be that a lucky member could win a very handy $10,000 in the coming months!

RSL president Anthony Gleeson has overseen the introduction of the new system that will make club management infinitely easier for both the club and members.

“We need to modernise to keep apace with changes in the club industry and to take advantage of new technology,” he told The Friendly Bay Islander.

Club members will all receive the new cards as they renew their memberships, and new members will also be issued with the new cards.

There are two types of members at the RSL; full sub branch members and social members. The card will apply to all.

The cards will then need to be ‘swiped’ at the new terminal that has been installed immediately as you enter the club premises.

In swiping the card, the system will allow for the club to improve on management knowledge and improve computer systems; whilst members themselves will be able to take advantage of some great information and offers.

And the first offer up for grabs will be a fabulous $10,000 prize to won later this year. The prize will be drawn at a special event on Saturday, September 15.

“The beauty of the new system for members is, the more times they visit the club and swipe the card, the more chances they will have to win the $10,000,” Anthony Gleeson said.

“That is what is so great about the new method of entry.

“It offers so many possibilities for future promotions and so many more opportunities and offers for members,” the RSL Sub Branch president said.

For this initial offer of the $10,000 prize, there will be a special event planned for the drawing in September to be held on Saturday, September 15.

As well as installing the new membership system, the RSL Club is also building an extension to the rear of the club attached to the entertainment area.

“We are building a large extension for improved storage facilities (that used to be in exterior containers) and an area for the cooking of barbecues and pizzas.

“It will again improve our overall efficiency,” Anthony Gleeson said.

• Anthony Gleeson and the new card swipe entry system

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