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The countdown has started on for what is fast becoming one of South East Queensland’s most unique cultural festivals – the ‘Quandamooka Festival – Celebrating Culture, Country & People.’

Yura! (meaning welcome in local Jandai dialect) is the vibrant opening of the festival that occurred at the beautiful Goompi (Dunwich) waterfront on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).

Traditional dance groups including our very own Yulu Burri Ba Dancers performed a cultural exchange with special first nations guests TE TAI MAURI Maori dance group.

Quandamooka Executive Chef Kieron Anderson was on site cooking up a fusion of modern and native bush-inspired foods, with plenty of live music and workshops to suit the entire family.

This year the festival will run from June through to August, signalling the start of the annual migration of the humpback whales as they pass the North Gorge headland from Antarctica to their calving grounds near the Great Barrier Reef.

Creative Director Avril Quaill presents this years’ festival theme – Jalu (fire).

“The Quandamooka Festival theme for 2018 is Jalu – the Quandamooka Peoples’ knowledge of and respect for nature’s power is revealed in our region’s geology; celebrated in artistic expression and continued in contemporary Aboriginal cultural practices. jalu ignites our winter festival season as we explore, share and celebrate across the Quandamooka Coast.”

“Our annual winter festival is becoming a leading Indigenous event for South East Queensland.

"Born of a vision by our Elders to create a celebration of our Quandamooka culture, country and people, the festival now in its fourth year reveals something more about Brisbane’s unique bayside and coastal region.”

The Quandamooka Peoples have been custodians in ‘caring for country’ for millenia.

Experience a traditional smoking ceremony with our our First Nations group led by Songman Joshua Walker as he lights the first jalu with native plants and leads a cleansing ceremony of healing.

The jalu will stay lit throughout Yura, we welcome you to sit by the fire, enjoy the warmth as we share our our stories and songs with you.

Come to one or more of the 30 plus events presented in our program, including our signature events held on Minjerribah and on Saturday, June 23, on Jencoomercha (Macleay Island) at the Saturday organic markets.

The Quandamooka Festival will create new and profound cultural experiences for visitors to the island, striking a balance between sustainable economic growth and protection of environment and cultural heritage.

• The Quandamooka Festival attracting big crowds!

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